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Black Tie - 100% Silk - THE BOW TIEBlack Tie - 100% Silk - CDG9
CDG9 - Black Bow Tie Sale price€349,00
Multi Colored Bow Tie - 100% Silk - BGY5Multi Colored Bow Tie - Jungle Pint - 100% Silk - BGY5
BGY5 - Blue Bow Tie Sale price€349,00
100% Silk Green Bow Tie - Exotic Jungle Design - MIA8100% Silk Green Bow Tie - Exotic Jungle Design - MIA8
MIA8 - Green Bow Tie Sale price€349,00
White Tie - 100% Silk - Bow Tie - CDG6White Tie - 100% Silk - Bow Tie - CDG6
CDG6 - White Bow Tie Sale price€349,00

Black Tie

When it comes to formal events, perhaps nothing is more ubiquitous than the black bow tie. Thanks to its plain black color, it’s easy to pair with and almost always hits the spots no matter what type of suit you are wearing. A black bow tie is the classic choice to pair with most tuxedo lapels. Its warp threads and ability to be woven into different styles make it the first choice among both artisan and typical bow ties manufacturers. Why should you own a pair, you ask? Because every true gentleman should own a good and trusty pair of classic black bow ties. It’s your go-to accessory for formal soirees and events. It’s astonishing how a long tie does not even come close to the level of sophistication and timelessness that only a black bow tie can bring. No man should be without this classic.

White Tie

The most ceremonial of events require the most formal of all ties: The White Bow Tie. Considered to be the creme de la creme of formal dressing, the white bow tie was originally worn by the members of the high society during soirees of the highest class. It’s not a simple color matching game, the white bow tie is actually reserved to be worn in upscale events and represents the epitome of formal wardrobe for gentlemen. White bow ties are the perfect accessory to to top off the sartorial elegance of your royal look. A tuxedo is never complete without the proper bow tie, and if you’re looking for the finest piece you can wear then look no further than our premium selection of white bow ties. Each is a masterpiece on its own with its delicate fabric carefully handcrafted to captivate even the most discriminating pairs of eyes.

Blue Tie

Sometimes, you just want to stand out from the crowd. Do things your own way. Take the road less travelled. Things don’t have to always feel too formal, sometimes, you just got to chill them down a bit. Feel a bit more in relaxed, but always in control. What do you wear when the occasion leans towards the formal side, yet you don’t have to go all out like you’re visiting the Buckingham Palace? Enter, the Blue Bow Tie. The deep blue colors of the ocean is a welcome sight from the sea of black and white crowd. You’re a class on your own. Unassuming and laid back. But don’t let its calm nature fool you—its unique shade captivates onlookers in a dreamy trance that makes them never want to take their eyes off you.